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Ingredients imported from the U.S. are well-known for their freshness and quality, earning the approval of professional chefs and housewives alike. After Taiwan became a member of the WTO in 2002, domestic consumers were given more opportunities to be exposed to and to taste cooking ingredients from all over the world. And Taiwan's imports from the U.S. come in an extensive variety, offering a wide range of applications in many creative cuisines. 

In an effort to familiarize general consumers with imported fresh, healthy produce and cooking ingredients from the U.S. through mass media, the California Agricultural Export Council took on the responsibility of planning and executing a new cooking segment called         "美食ABC" (or "American Born Cuisine") to air through “Gourmet King’s Cooking Show”, a popular local cooking show. Featured ingredients include seasonal items such as Northwest Pears, California Pomegranates, Washington Apples, California Figs, a variety of California green vegetables, U.S. Blueberries, California Table Grapes, etc. 
 Taiwan shoppers can enjoy these seasonal products during specific months when they are imported.  In addition, some ingredients are available year-round in Taiwan markets, including U.S. Rice, U.S. Dairy Products, U.S. Potatoes, U.S. Poultry & Egg, U.S. Soybean, California Olive Oil, etc. These are available for interested consumers anytime of the year.

The "American Born Cuisine" series featuring American ingredients first aired in November 2011, and will broadcast intermittently throughout the following year. We hope through the simple cooking methods and cooking tips demonstrated by selected well-known chefs, local consumers will have a better understanding of the unique characteristics of various U.S. imported cooking ingredients. 

If you miss any exciting episodes of the program, you can still find the detailed recipes, cooking tutorial videos, and other related information on our website.

"American Born Cuisine" is your number one source to enhance cooking skills and become a master chef of American ingredients!